NAME: Judak

ALTER EGO: Judak a'Laurian




POWERS: Indeterminate. Is known to possess faster-than-light space travel and survival in space abilities, though whether these eminate from herself or her hammer (Hammer of Th'Pt) is unknown. She is also a minor touch telepath; she shares a permanent telepathic link with a temporal energy being named Spark (who is, unknown to her, actually an aspect of the Drizzt).

PERSONALITY: Judak is the archetypical "girl next door," always sweet and likable. She isn't a very good fighter, a fact which has landed her in some sticky situations while with the Drizzt's Defenders.

HISTORY: Judak was once a herald of Dimwiticus, though the exact circumstances of how she became such are unknown. She was somehow freed from service by Darryth Rath a long time in the past, and the two became good friends. Darryth apparently wanted more than friendship, but she was not interested at the time. She eventually took to space exploration until Darryth summoned her to earth. She found that her feelings toward him had changed. After a few months, the two began a romantic involvement which eventually led to their marriage and subsequent retiring from superheroing.

APPEARANCE: About 5'9", slender humanoid. Judak has golden skin, long blond hair, and blue eyes. Wears a costume much like that of the Goddess from INFINITY CRUSADE, except that she carries a hammer.

STATUS: Former member of the Drizzt's Defenders, former herald of Dimwiticus

RESERVED?: Yes, but usable with permission


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