NAME: Jenifer Frost


ALIASES: Unknown

CREATOR: Tom Russell


POWERS: Possibly the world's greatest psion.

PERSONALITY: Cruel, mean and twisted, yet serene, kind and understanding. Frost has a... unique sense of humor. The thing she thought very funny was when Lagneto was searching for his amnesiac daughter Pizza Girl. It was really Myron T. Feebles, and Frost got a big laugh out of setting a psionic time bomb revealing whom he really was after Lagneto had much time to shower his "daughter" with love.

HISTORY: Much is unknown about the elusive Frost. She was trained in some sort of group called the Shadow Skimmers, and robbed banks with her pet Woolsh. She met the Polybag Person, her future lover. Lagneto faked Polybag Person's death, causing Frost to hate him intensly. She may or may not be the sister of Daisy Dukes. About 11 months back, Morgan Le Fab fell under her tutilege. Morgan has since became much like her mentor. She attacked Teenfactor then took it over, trying to acheive her own sick, demented, plots.

APPEARANCE: Beautiful, with black lipstick. She looks frail outside, contrasting her inside greatly. She has shortly cut blonde hair and wears a white body suit which ends at her upperchest, and has white boots and gloves which stretch greatly.

STATUS: Former member of Brotherhood of Net.Villains, leader of Teenfactor

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


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