NAME: The Incredible Unsleeping Man

ALTER EGO: Mickey Somnos


CREATED BY: Steve Husty


POWERS: Able to not sleep for long periods of time.

PERSONALITY: Dynamic. Cranky.

HISTORY: Mickey Somnos was in a car wreck on his eighteenth brithday; when he awoke from the coma, he found he could never go back to sleep. He used this as an opportunity to get extra homework done, until a tragic occurence led him to realize that with goofy powers come goofy responsibilities. Originally operating out of the Bedcave, the Incredible Unsleeping Man answered Marvel Zombie Lad's call during the Cosmic Plot Device Caper. Eventually came to realize that being in a team cramped his style (and that he was being stuck with monitor duty too often), so he retired from the LNH to solo crimefighting.

APPEARANCE: Loose-fitting burgandy pants with a similarly-colored bathrobe. Hair is usually in disarray.

STATUS: Former member of LNH (retired), former partner of Insomnia Boy



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