NAME: Hooded Ho`'od Win

ALTER EGO: Unknown




POWERS: Can summon any net.heroes and force them to fight by needing to know 'Who`'od Win.' Cannot be prevented from seeing the outcome of the fight by any force in Looniverse, and is immune to the powers of the combatants. Also has levitation powers, and can melt into shadows, reemerging in other shadows.

PERSONALITY: Basically shy to a fault, so affects an off-putting mysterious air. Self-conscious about false leg. Likes to spy on Peril Room workouts and loves sports.

HISTORY: Throughout childhood her powers caused trouble whenever she wondered 'Who`'od Win' (including killing her family, driving off a boyfriend, and killing Kieth Moon and John Bonham) so she refused to use them until the villainous Dr. Trask cured her of that mental block. Since then she figured prominently in Looniverse Adrift! where she battled Lord Ebon long enough for the LNH to defeat him. This cost her her leg, which is now a prosthetic replacement. She also was tasked by a cosmically-charged Catalyst Lass to choose the RACCelestial Madonna, and anchor for the Looniverse during Retcon Hour. Lastly, there is some undetermined connection between her, Hooded Ho`'od Win II of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains, and presumedly Hooded Ho`'od Win Jr. of the Junior BoNV.

APPEARANCE: Wears non-form-fitting cloak with all concealing hood. Cleans up well, but her face has _never_ been seen. Has prosthetic right leg.

STATUS: Member of the LNH

RESERVED?: Yes, but usable with permission


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