NAME: The Hoagieman

ALTER EGO: Not revealed


CREATED BY: Mike Friedman


POWERS: Is summoned by anyone ordering a hoagie that calls out his name three times. He is ultra-strong and likes to eat living beings in one bite.

PERSONALITY: The Hoagieman's only goal is to destroy his summoner. He is actually a really nice guy to those that do not summon him. In fact, he gives large tips to the delivery boys he takes the hoagies from.

HISTORY: The Hoagieman was summoned to the Looniverse by a computer lab consultant that Trux met when he was transported to Penn.sys.vania. Trux was able to defeat the Hoagieman and stop him from killing the consultant, by killing him with a spork from inside his stomach.

APPEARANCE: The Hoagieman is quite top heavy, with a huge head atop a smaller, yet muscular frame. His bottom fangs jut out from his lower jaw, and a tatoo reading "Mother" adorns his right bicep.

STATUS: Active net.villian



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