NAME: Happy Pig Boy

ALTER EGO: A little pig

ALIASES: Pig from above

CREATED BY: Mike Friedman


POWERS: Simple mind control--makes people happy, against their will by giving them what the most want; He can grow to be the size of a blimp and can float around like a blimp

PERSONALITY: Happy Pig Boy is very sexist and believes that all women should be subservient to him. His goal is to make women into his slaves.

HISTORY: Happy Pig Boy came to Net.ropolis in attempt to take over the female population of the largest city on Net.Earth. He had already managed to take over Net.lanta, but Spite Grrrl had followed him. With the help of Trux, Nit-Pick Lad, and Netiquette Lad, Spite Grrrl was able to defeat Happy Pig Boy, and return him to his actual form of a small little pig. He then retreated into the sewers and vowed vengeance against the entire LNH.

APPEARANCE: A giant blimp-like pink pig.

STATUS: Active villain



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