NAME: Great Oozelfinch


ALIASES: "The Stupidest Oozelfinch Of Them All"

CREATOR: Ted 'Arsenal' Brock

PRIMARY WRITER: Ted 'Arsenal' Brock

POWERS: Limited Flight, "Atomic Yodel", others not specified, although it is rumored to be able to teleport between cushions of couches.

PERSONALITY: Stupid and Insane. Loves to ramble. Treats *Everything* like a game.

HISTORY: The Great Oozelfinch is the leader of his kind, a race of small bird-like creatures that used to exist in, but was brought into the Looniverse by California Kid, against the wishes of the rest of the LNHers. Since then, the Oozelfinches as a whole have adopted the thirteenth sub- basement of the LNHHQ as their home, and the Great Oozelfinch set his sights on bigger goals... leadership of the LNH. To that end, he became a member, but was "drafted" into the a.outSiders when they split off.

APPEARANCE: Roughly 6 inches tall, with green feathers, snubbish wings, a proportionately long neck, and large webbed feet. His eyes sit above the rest of his head, which is almost all beak. He is the smallest of all adult Oozelfinches. Image available here.

STATUS: Member of the a.outSiders



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