NAME: Golden Boy

ALTER EGO: Curtis Niceguy

ALIASES: Smart Alec, Niceguy

CREATOR: Tom Russell


POWERS: Manipulation of the Golden Force. Flight and above average, but not super, strength.

PERSONALITY: Curtis tries his best to do what is right, but will do anything for his supervillian girlfriend, Daisy Dukes, including helping her take over the world. He tries his best to gain the respect of Sarcastic Lad, whom he believes to be his father. His mentor is Golden Man.

HISTORY: As Smart Alec, Curtis tried his best to win the attention of his alleged father Sarcastic Lad, by saving Golden Man from Heroes Reborn. When applying for sidekickship, he was refused by Sarcastic Lad but accepted by Golden Man. At the time he despised that "old flake" and it was no surprise Curtis abandoned GM to his near death at the hands of Captain Death, Cut, Paste and Hack Artist to play tonsil hockey with their leader Daisy Dukes. His consence took over and he rescued GM. GM and Smart Alec parted ways as Curtis became Niceguy, still with hopes of getting Sarcastic Lad to notice him. Golden Man was killed by Heroes Reborn, and Curtis was chosen to bear the Golden Force as one of four replacements. He, as well as the Man Of Spit, Golden Lad and the newly alive Golden Man, defeated the evil machinations of an alternate reality Man With The Black Hat. Curtis has since gained GM's respect, and has moved back to Sig.ago to help Daisy take over the world. He joined Teenfactor but opted to stay with Frost when she took over.

APPEARANCE: Tannish skin, curly hair, a suit much like Golden Man's.

STATUS: Member of Teenfactor

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


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