NAME: The Elemental Brothers

ALTER EGO: Thomas, Olaf, and Nathan Ellerman

ALIASES: Fire, Wind, and Mud

CREATOR: Sean Daugherty

PRIMARY WRITER: Sean Daugherty

POWERS: Thomas commands the power of flame, Olaf controls the flow of wind, and Nathan can splash wet dirt around. The extent of their recent power amplification is unknown.

PERSONALITY: Thomas is the leader, domaneering, and probably the most intelligent of the bunch. Olaf's got an attitude, and he tends not to like anybody. Nathan is shy, reserved, and extremely timid.

HISTORY: Little is known about how the Ellerman sons learned their amazing powers, and these villians were unknown to the citizens of Net. tropolis until they went up against the recently revived Carter Darson (a.k.a. Brain Boy) in attempt to make a name for themselves by capturing an LNHer. It went hideously wrong, and they were all locked up. In prison, Thomas was removed from the other two, and Olaf and Nathan, upon their escape, set off to find their brother. They were reunited, oddly enough, at the Darson Family Reunion, and, unable to put his family at risk, let free by Carter. Shortly afterwards, hell-bent on revenge, they followed Carter to Sig.ago and had their powers amplified by the Evil Dr. Leifield, and starting doing some minor lackey work for the supervillianess master- mind, Daisy Dukes.

APPEARANCE: Thomas is tall, lanky, with shoulder-length brown hair, and usually dresses in a scarlet two piece suit. Olaf is stout, and has his red hair in a crew cut. Nathan has short blonde hair, and wears a mudstained jumpsuit.

STATUS: Villains



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