NAME: Dva/Softcenter

ALTER EGO: Marsha Burgenstock

ALIASES: Marshmallow Lass

CREATOR: Campbell March


POWERS: Has the body constituation of a marshmallow, ie. soft, pink, mushy. Can even be shot without harm. If damaged, her body can repair itself easily. If really necessary, she can shrink herself (with increased density) to the size, shape and colour of a marshmallow.

PERSONALITY: Although she gets on with most people quite well, she has a hatred of blacks (due to her father), even though she is an Afro-American herself. She doesn't have much of a sense of humour, and doesn't take much notice of it. She loves Peter Gregory (Dva/Silence), but he does not love her.

HISTORY: Joined the LNH at the same time as Guitar Man, but being unable to defeat a barely second-rate villain, she left. Reluctant to go home, she went across America, and ended up in, and was captured by Queen Enterprises. They probed her, and found she had grown up without much attention from her mother, and had been sent to 'posh' schools, although she hadn't gotten on well with others due to rumours about her parents. She had left home after finding out that her mother was only interested in sex with her father, and had eventually joined an experiment which gave her her new body and powers. Marsha managed to escape Queen Enterprises, finding and helping Peter Gregory to also escape, and went back to the LNH to get help for Peter. She still didn't have anything she felt she could offer the LNH, so left with Peter to join the Alt.Riders, taking the name Softcenter. On a mission, her body had joined with Peter's, and is now part of the Dva entity. She doesn't like being with the Alt.Riders, but stays because Peter does.

APPEARANCE: Wears tough, durable civillian clothing, usually demin overalls.

STATUS: Member of Alt.Riders

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


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