NAME: Dva/Silence

ALTER EGO: Peter Gregory

ALIASES: Inacoustic Kid

CREATOR: Unknown


POWERS: Can silence (dampen) noise, flame wars, energy blasts... (kinetic energy in general, I suppose). If he really concentrates, he can dampen other characters' powers.

PERSONALITY: Unsurprisingly, he is very quite, and is very terse when speaking. He prefers not to act, and will really step in to help quiet people down. Normally, he just follows what others do. Although Marsha Burgenstock (Dva/Softcenter) loves him, he does not love her.

HISTORY: As Inacoustic Kid, Peter was a minor character in the LNH, but he was kidnapped by Queen Enterprises after the '95 RACCIE Awards, although no-one in the LNH noticed. He was experimented on, and his normal silencing powers were extended to a permanent silence field of 20 meters. He was found and freed by Marsha Burgenstock, and with her escaped back to the LNH. They managed to bring the silence field back under control, but Peter now found his abilities increased. Disillusioned with the LNH (and rather miffed that no-one missed him), he left and joined the Alt.Riders, changing his super hero name to Silence. However, on a mission, his body was combined with Marsha's, and this entity is also known as Dva. Currently he is happy working in the Alt.Riders.

APPEARANCE: He wears a deep coloured (it is hard to tell if it is deep green, blue or black) bodysuit, and what could be taken for gauntlets.

STATUS: member of Alt.Riders

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


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