NAME: Doctor Periodic-Table

ALTER EGO: Unknown


CREATOR: Ben Rawluk


POWERS: Doctor Periodic-Table has the ability to transmute the elements, thanks to special circuitry imbedded in his gloves.

PERSONALITY: Evil. But, this is a Silver Age kind of evil; his mind does not appear to be complex enough to function beyond that. He holds a grudge. He's mainly interested in the acquistion of power, since his technology makes wealthy easy to create (He's not that worried about inflation).

HISTORY: Where Doctor Periodic-Table initially gained his equipment. Some would say he dealt with some agent of the Underworld, but its never been substantiated. It is known he faced the Net.Titans early in the group's inception, and later held a grudge against one of its now-former members, Lurker Lad. However, he seems to be gunning for any LNHers.

APPEARANCE: A stocky figure in black spandex, with gold gloves. His face is hidden behind a mask equipped with goggles, as well as an air-filter.

STATUS: Solo villain



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