NAME: Curious Lass

ALTER EGO: Celeste Lakely


CREATED BY: Carolyn Vaughan

PRIMARY WRITER: Carolyn Vaughan

POWERS: Supercuriosity, long-range hearing and vision, enhanced agility

PERSONALITY: Swashbuckling hero, impulsive and slightly mischevious, but caring

HISTORY: Curious Lass's mutant powers manifested when she was thirteen, and she spent the next five years preparing herself to try to get into the LNH. This preparation including learn how to use the extensible staff she found lying in a gutter, and convincing her best friend, Laertes Johnson, to attampt to join as well.

APPEARANCE: Curious Lass is about 5'7" tall and has long straight brown hair and grayish eyes. Her costume is blue and green, with a white question mark on the chest, white gloves and boots, a white sash, and a blue domino mask.

STATUS: Probationary member of the LNH; Partner of Psionic Lad

RESERVED?: Yes, but usable with permission


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