Content-Type: text/html Cross-Posting Lad

NAME: Cross-Posting Lad

ALTER EGO: Scott Plott


CREATOR: Ben Rawluk


POWERS: The ability to cross-post people and objects onto other newsgroups, primarily RACC, so that there are two identical copies running around on two newsgroups.

PERSONALITY: Mr. Overconfidence. Thinks everything he plans will work and sees the LNH as halfwits, because they wouldn't let HIM join!

HISTORY: Scott Plott has always had his power...he was a mutant, but sans angst. He eventually tried to join the LNH, but was rejected due to the fact that his power could cause paradoxes and reality-screw ups with identical objects on two newsgroups. They said they didn't want a RETCON HOUR II: CRISIS ON RACC. Afterwards, he helped form the Legion of Rejected Net.Heroes.

APPEARANCE: A moderately ok-looking young adult in an orange-and-purple spandex costume. On the front, in purple letters, is ACLNH, while on the back, in orange letters, is RACC.

STATUS: Member of Legion of Rejected Net.Heroes

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


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