Content-Type: text/html Copy Queen

NAME: Copy Queen

ALTER EGO: Edna Van Warren


CREATOR: Ben Rawluk


POWERS: The ability to copy objects into .gif files and use the .gifs later on.

PERSONALITY: CQ is unsure of her self, and often feels inferior because of her slow system.

HISTORY: Edna Van Warren was born and raised on Got.Net City, and has had her powers since she was very young. When she was old enough, she left Got.Net for Net.ropolis, and attempted to gain entry into the Legion of Net.Heroes. She was rejected, the LNH saying that her power was too limiting, since she could only copy tech and not powers, as well as the fact that the .gifs were lagged and slow. Afterwards, she, Flaming Lass, Cross-Posting Lad, and Kid Lurker formed the Legion of Rejected Net.Heroes.

APPEARANCE: A somewhat loud pink-and-blue spandex costume, with evening gloves. A small symbol of two tiaras, one overlapping the other, is on the costume.

STATUS: Member of Legion of Rejected Net.Heroes

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


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