NAME: Contraption Man

ALTER EGO: Unknown




POWERS: Comes from the future, and is a master of future technology. Can create nearly any comic-tech device in seconds, if raw materials or adaptable equipment is nearby.

PERSONALITY: Determinedly good and frank. Greatly disturbed by his betrayal of the Legion during Retcon Hour, and goes out of his way to make up for it. Predisposed to religious beliefs, but extremely cautious of false prophets (through bad personal experience).

HISTORY: Initially came to the LNH to warn of a traitor in its midst. (Through his knowledge of 'history') The traitor was revealed to be Myk-El, until he was later shown to be under the influence of an Acton Lord GIF of Contraption Man himself. Retcon Hour revealed that CM had been indoctrinated into the cult of the Church of Dvandom under wReamicus Maximus during "Jungle Cheesecake". CM nearly killed fellow LNHers and created chronal chaos serving his faux savior (making himself the traitor he warned of), until Self-Righteous Precher deprogrammed him using questionable techniques. Since then he has striven to atone for his betrayal and selflessly serves the LNH's cause. He created the Peril Room, as well as modified Tsar Chasm's Universal Anchor.

APPEARANCE: Dark blue tights with futuristic circuitry design. Has a black "L" tatooed over one eye.

STATUS: Member of the LNH, former (future?) member of the LNHSE



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