NAME: Continuity Champ

ALTER EGO: Darryth Rath

ALIASES: Sir Rath, Everything Man



POWERS: Minor sorcerous powers; mutant reality-bending powers; nanite healing factor; Knightforce (Knight of Continuity powers); minor shapechanging (all now lost)

PERSONALITY: Up until now, CC has always been a sarcastic and cynical figure cloaked in mystery (even to himself). However, with a blossoming romance with Judak going on, he is becoming more and more laid-back and self-confident.

HISTORY: Darryth Rath was born as a dimension died, devoured by Dimwiticus. Only his father's prototype dimensional travel pod swept him away to another parallel timeline. There, he was raised by a kindly couple as their son, and grew to use his extradimensional mutant powers as a superhero (see BLAZE OF GLORY for more details). He even joined the reality-guarding Knights of Continuity eventually. In time, Dimwiticus came to devour this dimension as well; Darryth offered himself as his herald in return for sparing the dimension. However, Darryth's conscience betrayed him in the next dimension he came across (the Looniverse), causing him to turn on Dimwiticus and stop the devouring. Dimwiticus left him for dead; only the careful ministrations of the cosmic entity known as the Drizzt saved him. Some time after this, Darryth apparently became known as Continuity Champ and met Judak for the first time. After an indeterminate period of time, he was atomized while trying to stop a reality breach that threatened the Looniverse. The Drizzt was able to miraculously rebuild him, but the resultant being was unstable, both in terms of fluctuating power and personality (see CC&DDs #21 for more details). He eventually came to join the LNH and even served as co-leader for a time. He has since lost his powers, married Judak, and retired.


STATUS: Former member of the Drizzt's Defenders and LNH (retired), former Knight of Continuity (expelled), former member of several super-teams in another dimension, former herald of Dimwiticus

RESERVED?: Yes, but usable with permission


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