NAME: Constellation

ALTER EGO: Floyd Johnsson / Dot (George Kallen)


CREATED BY: Dave Van Domelen

PRIMARY WRITER: Dave Van Domelen

POWERS: Vast powers over the very fabric of reality. Has created an entire universe out of the raw substance of interdimensional space. Originally possessed the power to flood an area, then merged with the disembodied spirit of George Kallen and gained powers including dimension travel, ability to create simple matter out of Astral matter, flight, intangibility and a powerful "comet sword" capable of shattering large meteors.

PERSONALITY: Currently, at peace with himself (himselves) and eager to explore his place in reality. Wracked with major bouts of angst during his career.

HISTORY: Originally a minor supervillain named Flood in a non-Net reality, his team migrated to the Looniverse as a way out of jail. He was merged with Dot and proceeded to have a rather rocky life before finally gaining a measure of self-knowledge and ascending to his current lofty position. Has since been seen sporadically in other realities.

APPEARANCE: A man of medium height, covered completely in a star field. He normally has one very bright star over his left eye.

STATUS: Former member of the LNH (retired)



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