NAME: Century Pact

ALTER EGO: Darkheart and Steelwind

ALIASES: Various

CREATOR: Dave Van Domelen

PRIMARY WRITER: Dave Van Domelen

POWERS: The two men behind the Century Pact, Darkheart and Steelwind, were DeFacto V's lieutenants in 2077, turned into shapeshifting cyborgs and stranded in the present day with his defeat. They are both very strong and durable, with other powers available via reconfiguration of their internal systems. They cannot change size or mass, however, but do have access to vehicles that they can cybernetically link to.

PERSONALITY: Darkheart is a cold, logical planner, manipulative and only showing emotion when it's to his advantage. He's the primary driving force behind the Pact. Steelwind is more of a rogue, out to have some fun and bully others with his power. He's also capable of being very charming when he wants something, and acts as the "front man" more often because of this.

HISTORY: Stranded in a barbaric and disorderly past, Darkheart and Steelwind decided that if their Lord DeFacto could no longer create their future by brute force, they would create their own version more subtly. To this end they recruited followers who were interested in an orderly society, and gave them powers via nanotechnological rebuilding. These "Centurions" are not nanotech cyborgs like Darkheart and Steelwind are, they have simply been rebuilt by nanotech. In addition to the Centurions, the Pact has recruited a number of "hero haters" to act as "Berzerkers," given powers to simply destroy any troublesome net.heroes who might get in the way of the new order.

APPEARANCE: Variable. Darkheart usually appears as a darkhaired man of good breeding and somewhat devious visage. Steelwind is usually an affable-looking blond bruiser.

STATUS: Villain Team

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


NOTES: Formerly known as Joe (Steelwind) and Cobra (Darkheart), their vehicles are designed to merge into a more powerful air fortress called Steelheart.

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