NAME: Catalyst Lass

ALTER EGO: Catherine Anne List



PRIMARY WRITERS: Jeff McCoskey, Martin Phipps, Jameel al Khafiz

POWERS: Psionic powers to make others share her interests.

PERSONALITY: Friendly and outgoing, definite leadership potential. Enjoys organizing 'projects' and motivating others to help out. A romantic at heart, and a mild flirt.

HISTORY: Stepped into the spotlight as leader of the LNH during Looniverse Adrift! Led successful campaign against Lord Ebon. Also organized the '95 Valentine's Ball. Later got 'boosted' by one of the Webs and entered Particle Man's mind during some personal troubled times he was having. Since that intimate encounter they may or may not have a growing attraction for each other. Recently revealed that she inadvertantly 'catalyzed' Revamp Lass of the BoNV into a copy of herself back in '93. No way to tell the two apart (except slight personality differences), or who was who during the above events.

APPEARANCE: Light blue high-collared tights with jigsaw-puzzle logo. Brunette.

STATUS: Member of LNH, romantically involved with Particle Man



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