NAME: Captain Continuity

ALTER EGO: Chet Wiggins

ALIASES: Continuity Champ Junior

CREATED BY: The Mystic Mongoose


POWERS: Flight and superstrength. Has inherited Knight of Continuity powers, which give him reality-bending abilities.

PERSONALITY: Shy with individuals but determined in battle.

HISTORY: Chet Wiggins was born with the remarkable ability to explain how things happened. When coupled with his fascination with superheroes, he knew what he had to do: become a hero himself. Modelling himself after his favorite hero and happening to find a discarded flight thingee, he took the name of Continuity Champ Junior and joined the LNH. He came to lead the subgroup called Generation Y in time, and even once saved the Looniverse during the event called Retcon Hour. After an adventure with Darryth Rath, the former Continuity Champ, he received Rath's abilities as a Knight of Continuity and became a member of that reality-guarding organization, taking the new name of Captain Continuity.

APPEARANCE: Black and white costume with red belt.

STATUS: Member of Generation Y, member of the LNH, member of Knights of Continuity



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