NAME: Brand Name Boy

ALTER EGO: Not revealed


CREATED BY: Mike Friedman


POWERS: Calls everything by its brand name, even when the item is not of that brand. For example, all soda is "Coke", all tissues are "Kleenex", etc.; Fixes a damn good copier

PERSONALITY: Brand Name Boy is almost always indifferent about every situation. He often blends into the background when others are having a discussion, but he makes sure to let the reader know he is there by waving or mentioning how hungry or thirsty he is.

HISTORY: Brand Name Boy was called in to the LNH HQ one day to fix the copiers that were in the building. During a conversation with Nit- Pick Lad, he started to overload Nitty's powers by making him correct every inaccuracy about the brand names that he mentioned. Nit-Pick Lad was eventually cured by Dr. Stomper, and Brand Name Boy was offered membership in the LNH, since he fixed the copiers so well (see NIT-PICK LAD VS. BRAND NAME BOY #1). He still likes to bug Nit-Pick Lad, however.

APPEARANCE: Wears overalls and a "Xerox" cap. Carries his tool box with him.

STATUS: Member of Los Bastardos; member of LNH

RESERVED?: Yes, but usable with permission


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