NAME: Brain Boy

ALTER EGO: Carter Darson


CREATOR: Sean Daugherty

PRIMARY WRITER: Sean Daugherty

POWERS: Telepathy. Perhaps (very minor) telekinesis. Used to have near God- like powers, but lost them.

PERSONALITY: Friendly, if somewhat shy. Carter is often confused, but not stupid. He is also somewhat naive to certain things due to his amnesia (see below). Really eager to prove his heroic nature in lieu of his evil half's actions (again, see below).

HISTORY: Carter Darson was a university student working on a way to unlock the unused 90% of the human mind. He succeded, but as a result it drove him to schizophrenia. Using his God-like telekinetic powers, he split himself into two halves, each representing an opposite side of his nature. The evil Carter quickly immobilized the good Carter by locking him in a steel vault on the outskirts of Net.tropolis. The evil Carter, convinced he would be unable to partake in his dastardly deeds whilst the LNH was present, used his powers to transport himself to an dimension. There, posing as a hero called Brain-O, he joined the Society of Net.Heroes and used his powers to control and warp its members. However, after a while he started worrying about his other half, and sent a giant robot called Roboto to watch over him. Unfortunately, Roboto inadvertantly awoke the good Carter, who immediately hooked up with LNHers Old Comics Man, Sister-State-The-Obvious and Bad Timing Boy. Roboto was not beaten, however, and it's failsafe mechanism sent Carter and the LNHers to Brain-O's universe. With the aid of former SNHers Somber Lass and Mind Man, Brain-O was deposed and destroyed, and Carter and company left for home. Powerless, Carter was preparing to go his own way to try and recover some of his memory, tattered since Roboto awoke him, when Monark, world dictator and ex-LNHer from 2012, gave him his powers back, to a limited degree. He was convinced by Sister- State-The-Obvious and Old Comics Man to join the LNH. He is still trying to get away to do some serious soul-searching, but can't find the time.

APPEARANCE: He wears his brown hair in a floppy, semi-long way. He is fairly tall (about 6 foot 2). and thin. Whenever he uses his powers, his skin has the nasty habit of glowing bright green. His costume consists of a pair of John Lennon-esque sunglasses and an outfit reminscient of the cover to the Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper" album.

STATUS: Member of the LNH

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


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