NAME: Major Denis Bludwulf


ALIASES: Fortnightman, Bludwulf, GinJack

CREATED BY: Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe, Spike Milligan and Dave Van Domelen

PRIMARY WRITER: Dave Van Domelen

POWERS: Variable. Able to run away very effectively. As Bludwulf he was Liefeldized and had appropriate abilities. Master penguin wrangler and zeppelin pilot.

PERSONALITY: Rather insane ex-Indian Army deserter type. Based on a British humor program character (or British humour programme character).

HISTORY: Member of the Society of Wireless Heroes in the 1950s, a less-well- known group active after PULP and before the Net.astic Nine. Eventually drifted into the modern day when he was hired as Zeppelin pilot by Dvandom Force. Has since drifted off again, appearing occasional in gag roles.

APPEARANCE: GIFs available here

STATUS: Semi-active detached member of Dvandom Force

RESERVED?: No, but ask before using


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