NAME: Anything-You-Can-Do-I-Can-Do-Better Lad

ALTER EGO: Andrew Best

ALIASES: The Mimic, Andy

CREATED BY: Slash Maraud


POWERS: Can do anything the person he's battling can do -- only slightly better. Lasts only as long as that person is angry at him.

PERSONALITY: Challenges anything and never shuts up. Lacking in creativity; tends to rely heavily on simple brute power. Spoiled rich kid.

HISTORY: Andy Best was the only child of multi-millionaire parents, who raised him according to the Spock method. Thus, he grew up as an arrogant rich brat. His parents died when he was 10, leaving him a fortune. Not long after, he discovered that gained the abilities of anyone he antagonized, plus a little something extra. However, this only lasted as long as they were mad at him. Upon growing up, he tried a brief career as a supervillain, until Kid Yesterdaze convinced him that he could have much more fun antagonizing super-villains (though he still enjoys upsetting heroes).

APPEARANCE: Tacky blue costume with gold trim and full face mask. No cape.

STATUS: Member of the LNH



  • Johnny Fearless #1
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