NAME: Agent

ALTER EGO: Thad Ritchards

ALIASES: Phantom Walker

CREATOR: Jamas Enright


POWERS: Unknown precisely, but has exhibited teleportation, lightening reflexs, cosmis knowledge and mind-over-body control.

PERSONALITY: Mysterious. Likes to stay behind the scenes and manipulate. But is not obverse to physical action. Has shown no sign of any real morals.

HISTORY: The Walkers are a race created by the RACCelestials to do their bidding (or just amuse them). This Phantom Walker was made in 1900, and has been involved in a large number of activities, some benign, some malevolent, some just weird. He helped Amorpheous Lad with Frank Bennington, and then set up the Alt.Riders, and Agent took over. Is the leader of the Alt.Riders.

APPEARANCE: Casual wear, comfortable clothes, but always has an old wrinkled jacket. (Note: Never has anything to do with trenchcoats!)

STATUS: Member of Alt.Riders

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


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