NAME: Acton Lord II

ALTER EGO: Charlie Risk

ALIASES: The Human Decoy

CREATOR: Dave Van Domelen

PRIMARY WRITER: Dave Van Domelen

POWERS: Risk possesses (or is possessed by) the Corruption Force, which is the cosmic embodiment of the principle that not only does power corrupt, but that superheroes tend to be particularly susceptible to this effect. He can also use the Corruption Force to corrupt natural law, resulting in effects such as flight, energy blasts and protective fields. Acton Lord II lacks the extensive resources and technology that the original had, but seems to have a greater master over his personal powers than his predecessor ever did.

PERSONALITY: A former unpowered action hero, he harbors a deep resentment towards net.heroes, and wants to destroy them all. He has yet to reconcile his own net.ahuman status with this hatred. Currently in a near-catatonic state after his encounter with Kid Pocky, the original Acton Lord.

HISTORY: Charlie Risk, the Human Decoy, had a long and mostly unchronicled career as an action hero in the Looniverse before the LNH became active again in the early 90s. But the return of net.heroes signaled his decline, and after spectacular failures in Cry.Sig and an insignificant part in the Flame Wars, he faded into bitter obscurity. Darkheart and Steelwind found him drinking himself to death in Onyx City, and offered him the chance to get back at all the net.heroes, but before they could do anything, the Corruption Force decided Risk would make an excellent new host. As the new Acton Lord, Risk set out to use his powers to destroy all net.heroes, but was stopped by Dvandom Force...specifically by Kid Pocky, the previous Acton Lord. Shock, and possible delayed reaction to gaining his powers sent him into a catatonic state.

APPEARANCE: GIF available here

STATUS: Solo villain, in jail

RESERVED?: Yes, But usable with permission


NOTES: Currently near-catatonic, but may recover given proper stimulus.

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