NAME: Acton Lord I (reformed)

ALTER EGO: Richard Franklins

ALIASES: Sig.Lad, Kid Pocky

CREATED BY: Dave Van Domelen

PRIMARY WRITER: Dave Van Domelen

POWERS: Former link to the Corruption Force, living embodiment of the corruption that increased power brings in the comics. Also possesses the vast resources typical of your average reality-conquering supervillain, including his very own island nation of Andale Atoll. He has since given up these powers, and changed his identity to Kid Pocky.


HISTORY: An alternate Sig.Lad was captured in an echo server and trapped for thousands of years, coming out a twisted and insane version of himself linked to the Corruption Force. Since then he has taken control of all reality a few times (albeit briefly) and acted as the catalyst to many major events, such as the Robot Invasion.

At the climax of the Grand Tour (a crossover between the Superguy Altiverses and the Looniverse), Acton Lord used the distraction afforded by DeFacto V's power play to once again attempt to enter the Source Code. Stopped by Constellation, he was given one guaranteed free-will choice over where his life was to go, and he chose to give up the role of Acton Lord, becoming Kid Pocky.

APPEARANCE: GIFs available here, also see Kid Pocky.

STATUS: Member of Dvandom Force, former solo villain



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