Narcoleptic Dogs Press, in association with just about every single imprint
on RACC, is pleased to present...

                     o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o
                   o           The 1999             o
                o  o         (6th Annual)           o  o
             o  o  o         rACCIE AWARDS          o  o  o
 o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o  o

(aka Granny Feldenmeyer's Fudge, for those of you crazy enough to vote for
it last year)

Now, here's your host, the one man who can guarantee he doesn't win a damn
thing this year, the Wild and Wooly BADGER!

     Hi, Y'all.
     Nice to see you all again. In the past, Jeff McCoskey was the chap
in charge of the RACCIES, and he did a great job of writing these spiffy
little intros that had characterization and plotting and so forth.
     In fact, he did such a good job that I'm not going to try and copy
     Instead, I'm just going to tell you who won, and talk a little bit
about who won the RACCIES this year and how the voting was different than
in past years.
     So here we go.

Part The First - The Voting

     This year was different for a lot of reasons. The first difference
was apparently that bitching and grousing to you people apparently brings
in the votes...I had something on the order of eighty ballots in my box when I finally downloaded them in early March. From
talking to Jeff and Dave Van Domelen, I gather that to be a big
increase. I have no idea who most of your people are, but I'm glad you
felt the need to vote, and I hope you stick around.
     The second difference was in my way of tabulating the votes. Unlike
Jeff, I didn't have a neat script for counting the votes. Instead, I did
it with a pen and some paper. This is why it took me so long to get the
results finished. Well, that and my desperate quest to find a new place
to live. (Does anybody out there need a large mustelid for a roommate? I'm
     The third difference is a policy difference. Due to the volume of votes,
and the fact that certain people (allright, just me) aren't eligible to
vote or win, I thought I'd expand the nominee section up to five people.
(I could have actually expanded it up to ten, but why go nuts?) There would
have been a lot of ties for second and third place if we gave awards for
those, but we don't. (However, if two nominees tied for second or third
or what have you, I listed them both in the nominees list. It seemed fair.
This is why there are seven people in the Favorite Author section.) Also,
a lot of you wasted votes by voting for me. I wouldn't have won anything
anyway but you could have voted for somebody else and had your votes count.
A couple of people who nearly won were sunk that way. I accepted votes for
non-nominees in some cases where I thought it was warranted (specifically
for the monkey in RACC 11, because almost nobody nominated any monkeys)
because I was in charge and it seemed fair to me.

Part The Second - The Results

     The part of the voting process that fascinates me is the tabulation,
because you get a real sense of what people were reading this year. So far,
I've come to the following conclusions:
     1) ASH had a very good year.
     2) Guttertrash did so as well.
     3) The LNH is strong again this year, with a lot of near-wins and a
cohesive voting block. Those lurkers put you guys in contention a lot.
     4) It doesn't matter how much they write...the same three or four names
are *always* near the top of the Favorite Author list.
     5) Jennifer Whitson is someone to watch for next year.
     6) I'm gonna have to start reading Misfits.
     7) Jeff McCoskey had it rough this year, and people heard about it.
Sorry about Russian Roulette, Jeff.
     8) Omega's late-year posting blitz wasn't enough to counteract
ASH's whole year of solid stories.

     Well, those are just a few of my opinions, anyway. So here they are,
already, and this year I've gone in reverse order and posted it from RACC
1 to RACC 14, mainly because that's usually the way I scan for them anyway.
So congratulations to the nominees, the winners, and to A. Khosla...heh heh
heh. Have fun with your albatross, dude.

Matt Rossi

RACC 1 - Nominees, Favorite Author
Jennifer Whitson
Marc Singer
Dave Van Domelen
A. Khosla
Jaelle Ihimaera-Smiler
Peter Milan
Tony Pi
Winner - A. Khosla

RACC 2 - Nominees, Favorite Continuing Series
Writer's Block Woman and Mouse
Teens in Trenchcoats
Winner - Guttertrash

RACC 3 - Favorite LS - Winner: This Shining Sea

RACC 4 - Nominees, Favorite Story Arc
Writer's Block Woman and Mouse 33-35, "Where in the net is Carmen SanFrancisco?"
Misfits 26 - 32, "Crows"
Warden 13 -15, "Change is Good"
Conclave of Super Villains 8 - 12, "LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!"
STRAFE 6-12, "The Slow Burn" & "Bonfire of the Vanities"
Winner - STRAFE 6 - 12

RACC 5 - Nominees, Favorite Single Issue
Warden Annual #1 - Alienation
Guttertrash #18 - A Journal of the Hidden World
Guttertrash #22 - How can you tell the dancer from the dance?
Guttertrash #23 - Bad Road, Wretched Road
Omega Nights
Voyeur #Y2K
Scions #10 - One Gallant Rush
Winner - Guttertrash #18

RACC 6 - Nominees, Favorite Comedy
Writers Block Woman and Mouse
Easily Discovered Man
Teens in Trenchcoats
Tales of the LNH
Limp Asparagus Lad
Winner - Writer's Block Woman and Mouse

RACC 7 - Nominees, Favorite Acrophobe
Omega Nights
Conclave of Super-Villains
Winner - Warden

RACC 8 - Nominees, Favorite Review Series
An A. Khosla joint
Shots in the Dark
Winner - An A. Khosla joint

RACC 9 - Nominees, Favorite Universe
Winner - ASH

RACC 10 - Nominees, Favorite Net Personality
Russ Allbery
Dave Van Domelen
Rob Rogers
Jamas Enright
Winner - Russ Allbery

RACC 11 - Nominees, Favorite Thread/Flamewar/Monkey
Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp
Bear (From B.J. and the)
I have never started a flamewar...I was just detecting irony
No, you can't use Crazy Guy in Birth of a Villain.
Winner - I have never started a flamewar...I was just detecting irony.

RACC 12 - Favorite Running Gag in a walk,
Now that's a MAN'S what-have-you!

RACC 13 - Nominees, Favorite New Writer
George D. Phillies
Chris Kerr
Winner - Chris Kerr

RACC 14 - Nominees, Favorite New Title
This Shining Sea
Winner - 2413

The 'Rasputin better not be the only russian that's hard to kill' award
goes to Jeff McCoskey, whose Hard-Drive cheated us all out of his exemplary
KULAKS story this year.