"Net.ropolis is an old city. How old is still a matter of debate among historians, but they all agree that Net.ropolis was a thriving city long before the foundation of the country. Over the years it has seen many changes and survived many disasters. The torrential rains of 1873 flooded a third of the city and destroyed thousands of buildings, but Net.ropolis recovered. The freak weather conditions and improbable accident that caused the firestorm of 1924 almost destroyed it, but again the people of Net.ropolis dug in, cleared away the rubble, and slowly rebuilt it. The valiant determination and loyalty of its citizens have served Net.ropolis well, especially in recent years when the wildcard of superpowers was added to the mix. No matter what happened, the city was determined to survive."

Russ Allbery and David Anastasion, Retcon Midnight, Part 2

Net.ropolis is the centerpiece of the Legion of Net.Heroes' earth, the shining city that is home to their headquarters and site of much of the action involving the net.heroes. As such, its insurance rates are also sky high, but that's another story entirely. It is arguably in decline, as many of its upper class taxpayers are moving out to avoid the super-battles that plague the city (not to mention occasionally being transformed into aliens, demons, animals, etc.). Net.ropolis is a port city, located off "the Sound."

As the above selection notes, no one in the Looniverse is quite sure when the city had its origins, or who founded it. The Dutch? The British? The Spanish? The French? No one is quite sure. Nothing remains of that original settlement, and so it seems that the debate is destined to continue.

Net.ropolis' past, though rich it may be, is not what truly concerns the average visitor. Instead, most find themselves wondering about its most notable residents: the Legion of Net.Heroes.

There are many notable sites in Net.ropolis. Among them are:

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