Retcon Midnight

In the wake of Retcon Hour, the timeline has been drastically altered. The task of fixing the whole of human history falls to a motley crew of superheroes, a talking eagle, and one slightly eccentric cosmic entity.

Writers: Russ Allbery, David Anastasion, Jeff Barnes, and Mike Escutia



Setting: The ruins of Net.ropolis and the Drizztsat

Run: Fall 1993

History: PLiable Lad, having been secretly replaced and impersonated by the Master of the Net, returned to help the LNH defeat the villain, who turned out to be long-time LNH member Amorphous Lad, mind-controlled by the Master of the Net. But around this battle Retcon Hour raged, eventually touching the life of Pliable Lad -- by excising Pliable Lad from the Looniverse's history.

However, Pli somehow survived this retconning intact, though the timeline could not say the same. Without Pliable Lad there, the LNH was defeated and nearly destroyed by his archenemy Dr. Armaggeddon; only a fragment remained hiding underground. Dr. A and his Knightforce promptly took over the Loonivearth with the aid of the Nine Rings of Retcon and the One Ring of Continuity.

And that's just where the story begins.

Before it ended, it would see a battle of truly cosmic proportions against immeasurable odds. It would lead to sacrifice, vengeance, and courage beyond belief.

And this is that story...

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