The Looniverse

LNH adventures take place on one of the many earths in many of the dimensions in a galaxy far, far... wait a second. It takes place on "an" earth in the omniverse in the present time. Which isn't to say that it can't be moved to other planets, other dimensions, and other times.

The LNHQ is located in the city of Net.ropolis in the Loonited States of America. Little is known about exactly *where* Net.ropolis is, though. Other major cities include Net.York City, Net.lanta, Sig.ago, and Coastal City.

The LNHQ is a sprawling complex containing rooms for all present LNHers, guest rooms, a monitoring room, a central command center, a high-tech war room, a Peril room, a shuttle bay, transmat chambers, HoloDecStations, swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), vault, prisoner holding cells, laboratories, and any other convenience you can think of. It sits on a nexus to all realities, so these realities at times overlap into the LNH's with slight vibrational differences. This causes the slight annoyance of phantom images, which explains how deceased or otherwise inactive/occupied characters seem to pop up from time to time. Martin came up with an unofficial floorplan of the LNHQ, which you are free to use, modify, and/or discard as you see fit.

There are other planets with their own populations as well. Webster's World, for example, is the home of Spelling Boy, while the planet Qwerty (home of Myk-El) was destroyed by the Logic Bomb of the Dvorakian Empire. Another known planet is H'yyydde'uz (post-Beige Noon spelling), former home of Crossover Queen.

The various alt, rec, etc. groups exist, as the LNH visited during Cry.Sig. The Crossover Queen is currently trapped in There have been various cross-overs with alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo,, and Several characters are known to derive their powers from a region of existence known as the Dyslexia Dimension. Alt.ernate timelines have also been found. Other dimensions also exist (such as the "evil LNH" dimension).

In short, the Looniverse is a wild and crazy place to live. Anything can -- and often does -- happen. So, take care, be sure to take clean underwear, and keep your eyes open!

There are several questions the neophyte visitor to the Looniverse may have when he first arrives:

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