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0. Introduction
1. Loonivearth
   A. Continents
   B. Countries
   C. Fictional Cities
   D. Oceans / Seas
   E. Other Features
2. Extraterrestrial Regions

  Back in late 1994 Silicon Spider asked if all place names in the 
Looniverse were punned, to which the reply was more or less 'yes', with 
lots of examples being given. Then Dave Van Domelen mused:

> wonders if some fool will actually take it on himself to compile a 
> Gazetteer?

  Well, now you know :-P

  This is a guide to place names for mainstream Loonivearth/Looniearth 
(Also referred to variously as Earth-Loon (Dvandom Force #39) and as 
Earth-A (Net.League of Heroes). There are probably others that I've 

  The Looniverse is a very weird place, but this is perfectly acceptable 
because it's an ACBU (Absurd Comic Book Universe). One of the most 
noticeable differences are the place names. The Looniverse exists in the 
Net (Well, actually it resonates in sympathy to events in the Net, but 
that's being technical). As a result, place names tend to be puns, usually 
Net-based puns. One doesn't go to New York, one goes to Net.York.

  Generally. There are exceptions.

  Specifically, the Looniverse is inhabited by people covered by various 
publishing imprints. Some of them do not use Net names.

  The Looniverse is primarily inhabited by (well, has most frequently 
documented the adventures of) the Legion of Net.Heroes (LNH). They tend 
to use Net names all the time.

  The Order of St. Doomas/Dumbass (OSD) also lives there, but most of the 
time they don't care whether they're using names that are Net-based puns 
or not, just as long as they can track down and punish sphammers. 
Preferably with extreme prejudice.

  On the other hand, the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade (NTB) tends not to use 
Net-pun names. Although the nominally share the same world, and 
occasionally the same continuity, they don't share the same genre and tend 
to prefer non-punned names. They may be referring to exactly the same 
place, physically, as the other two groups, but the point-of-view is 

  Naturally, since this is a document for the use of the Legion, Net 
names that are puns on the names used here in Real Life are given 
emphasis. For ease of reference, the arrangement is by 
giving the Real Life name first, followed by the Loonivearth equivalent.

  Within that framework geographical features are divided up into 
sections, then subsections if necessary. Firstly are Continents, then 
Nations (subdivided into states, thence cities and towns), then Oceans and 
Seas, and Other Features (mountain ranges, deserts, etc.). Within the 
Countries and States division, capital cities will be marked with a (c).

  I have also included a separate section for the fictional cities like 
Net.ropolis and Got.ham, since I haven't the faintest idea where they 
are, and moreover have a sneaking suspicion that there's no consensus 
on it anyway.

  There is also a section for extra-Terrestrial places. This section is 
slightly different from the first, Loonivearth based sections, as a brief 
description is given. I've included a small note on which source I used 
for the information; no doubt other sources exist as well.

1) Loonivearth/Looniearth

A) Continents
* Africa   			Af.rec.a
* Antarctica		        Ant.alt.ica
* Asia     			Alt.sia 
* Australia			Alt.stralia
* Europe  			Eu.rec 
* North America  		North Ame.rec.a
* South America  		South Ame.rec.a

B) Countries
* Afghanistan 

* Albania  			Alt.bania
    (c) Tirane  		  Dir.ane

* Algeria
    (c) Algiers  		  Alt.geirs

* Andorra  			Andor.rec
    (c) Andorra la vella    	  Andor.rec la vella

* Angola  			Alt.gola
    (c) Luanda  		  Luan.dir

* Antigua  			Alt.igua

* Argentina
    (c) Buenos Aires  		  Buenos Ai.rec

* Austria  			Alt.stria
    (c) Vienna

* Australia 			Alt.stralia
    (c) Canberra 		  Canber.rec
    Queensland  		    Queens.LAN.d
      (c) Brisbane  		    Bris.bit
    New South Wales 		  Net.South Wales
      (c) Sydney
    Northern Territory  	  Northern Ter.rec.tory
      (c) Darwin
    South Australia  		  South Alt.stralia
      (c) Adelaide  		    Alt.elaide
      (c) Hobart  		    Ho.bit
    Victoria  			  Victo.rec.a
      (c) Melbourne

* Bahamas  			Bit.hamas

* Bahomey  			Bit.homey
    (c) Porto Novo  		  Porto Net.vo

* Bahrain  			Bit.rain
    (c) Manama

* Barbados  			Bar.bit.dos

* Bosnia (now replaced by Hershia)

* Botswana  			Bits.wana

* Brazil  			B.rec.zil
    (c) Brasilia  		  B.rec.silia

* Bulgaria  			Bulga.rec.a

* Canada
    (c) Ottawa  		  Alt.tawa;  Net.tawa
    Alberta  			  Alt.berta
    British Columbia  		  Bit.tish Colum.bit.a
      (c) Victoria  		    Victo.rec.a
    Manitoba  			  Manito.bit
      (c) Winnipeg
    Newfoundland  		  Net.foundland
    New Brunswick  		  Net.Brunswick
      (c) Fredericton  		    Frede.rec.ton
    Northwest Territories  	  Northwest Ter.rec.tories
      (c) Yellowknife
    Nova Scotia Scotia
      (c) Halifax  		    Hali.fax
    Ontario  			  Ontar.IO
    Quebec  			  Queb.rec
      Montreal  		    Montre.alt
    Saskatchewan    		  Saskatche.WAN
      (c) Regina    		    Rec.gina
    Yukon Territory  		  Yukon Ter.rec.tory

* China
    (c) Beijing  		  Bit.jing

* Colombia  			Colom.bit.a

* Congo  			Con.gosub

* Costa Rica  			Costa Rec.a

* Czechoslovakia  		Cz.rec.hoslovakia

* Dominican Republic    	Dominican Rec.public

* El Salvador  			El Salva.dir
    (c) San Salvador  		  San Salva.dir

* Ecuador  			Ecua.dir;  Rec.uador 

* Egypt  			Egy.bit
    (c)Cairo  			  Cai.rec

* Equatorial Guinea  		Equatorial
    (c) Malabo    		  Mala.bit

* Ethiopia
    (c) Addis Ababa  		  Addis Aba.bit

* Finland  			Fin.LAN.d
    (c) Helsinki    		  Helsin.key

    (c) Berlin  		  Bit.lin;  Ber.LAN

* Greenland  			Green.LAN.d

* Grenada  			G.rec.nada

* Honduras
    (c) Tegucigalpa  		  Tegu.sig.alpa

* India;  Ind.IO
    (c) New Delhi    		  Net.Delhi
    Bombay  			  Bom.bit
    Calcutta  			  Calculata

* Indonesia  			In.dir.nesia;
    (c) Jakarta  		  Jak.alt.a

* Iraq      			I.rec

* Ireland;  Ire.LAN.d

* Italy      			Alt.aly;  Net.aly

* Ivory Coast    		Ivo.rec Coast
    (c) Abidjan  		  A.bit.djan

* Jamaica  			Jama.key.a

* Japan  			Jap.AN;  Net.pon
    (c) Tokyo  			  To.key.o;  Tok.IO

* Korea  			Core.ea;  Ko.rec.a

* Lebanon  			Le.bit.non

* Luxembourg

* Malaysia  			Malay.sci.a;  Mala.sys.ia

* Mexico  			Net.xico

* Micronesia    		Misc.ron.easia

* Monaco

* Morocco
    (c) Rabat  			  Ra.bit
    Casablanca  		  Cascade.ablaca

* Nepal  			Net.pal

* Netherlands    		Net.therlands

* New Caledonia  		Net.Cal.alt.donia

* New Zealand  			Net.Zealand
    (c) Wellington;  Boot City
    Auckland  			  Auck.LAN.d
    Christchurch  		  Ch.rec.stchurch

* Nicaragua  			Net.caragua

* Nigeria  			Net.geria

* Pakistan
    (c) Islamabad     		  Islama.bit

* Panama

* Paraguay  			Pa.rec.guay

* Poland  			P.alt.LAN.d;  Po.LAN.d

* Russia  			Rec.sia;  Rus.sci.a
    (c) Moscow  		  Misc.ow

* Rwanda  			Rec.wanda;  R.WAN.da

* Saudi Arabia  		Saudi Ara.bit.a

* Senegal

* Serbia  			Ser.bit.a (now replaced by Nestlia)

* Sierra Leone  		Sier.rec Leone

* South Africa  		South Af.rec.a
    (c) Johannesburg

* Sri Lanka  			Sci LAN.ka;  Sys.ri LAN.ka
    (c) Colombo  		  Colom.bit

* Swaziland  			Sci.zi.LAN.d
    (c) Mbabane  		  M.bit.bane

* Switzerland    		Sci.tzerland;  Switzer.LAN.d

* Syria    			Sys.ria

* Taiwan  			Tai.WAN

* Thailand  			Thai.LAN.d

* Turkey  			Tur.keystroke
    (c) Ankara 			  Alt.kara
    Istanbul  			  Istan.bit

* United Arab Emirates Arab E;  Usenet.ted Arab E
    (c) Abu Dhabi  		  Abu Dha.bit

* United Kingdom Kingdom;  Usenet.ted Kingdom
  England  			  Eng.LAN.d
    (c) London
    Newcastle upon Tyne  	    Net.castle upon Tyne
  Northern Ireland  		  Northern
    (c) Belfas  
  Scotland  			  Scott.LAN.d
    (c) Edinburgh    		    Edit.burgh
    Glasgow  			    Glas.gosub

* United States of America 	Loonited States of Ame.rec.a
    (c) Washington
    Alabama  			  Alt.abama
    Alaska  			  Alt.laska
    Arizona  			  A.rec.zona
      (c) Phoenix  		    Phoe.unix
    Arkansas  			  Arkan.sys
      (c) Little Rock  		    Little Rec
      (c) Sacramento  		    Sac.rec.mento
      Hollywood  		    H.alt.y.wood
      San Francisco  		    San;  San
    Colorado  			  C.alt.orado;  Color.alt.o
    Delaware  			  Dela.ware
    Florida  			  Flo.rec.da
      (c) Tallahassee  		    Tallahas.sci
      Daytona Beach Beach
      Chicago  			    Sig.ago
      (c) Indianapolis
    Iowa    			  IO.wa
      (c) Des Moines  		    Data Moines
    Kansas  			  Kan.sys
    Kentucky  			  Kentuc.key
      New Orleans    		    Net.Orleans
    Maryland  			  Mary.LAN.d
      (c) Annapolis
      (c) Boston
      Rochester  		  Rec.chester
    Mississippi  		  Mis.sys.ippi
    Missouri  			  Misc.souri
      (c) Helena
    Nebraska  			  Net.braska
      (c) Lincoln  		    Link.oln
    Nevada  			  Net.vada
    New Hampshire  		  Net.Hampshire
      (c) Concord  		    Con.cord;  Comp.cord
    New Jersey  		  Net.Jersey
      (c) Trenton  		    T.rec.ton
     Newark  			    Net.ark;  News.ark
    New Mexico 			  News.Net.xico
      Albuquerque  		    Alt.buquerque
    New York    		  Net.York; Net.Yak
      (c) Albany  		    Alt.bany
    North Carolina  		  North Ca.rec.lina
    North Dakota  		  North Dir.kota
      (c) Bismark  		    Bit.mark
    Ohio    			  Oh.IO
      (c) Columbus  		    Colum.bus
    Oregon  			  O.rec.gon
    Rhode Island  		  Load Island
      (c) Providence
    South Carolina  		  South Ca.rec.lina
      (c) Colombia  		    Colom.bit.a
    South Dakota    		  South Dir.kota
    Texas  			  Net.xas
      (c) Austin
      (c) Olympia  		    Oh.lympia
      Seattle  			    Se.alt.tle
    West Virginia    		  West
      (c) Charleston
    Wisconsin;  Wis.comp.sin;  Wis.con.sin
      (c) Madison  		    Ma.dir.son
      Milwaukee  		    Mil.waukee

* Uruguay  			U.rec.guay
    (c) Montevideo

* Venezuela
    (c) Caracas  		  Ca.rec.cas

* Vietnam

* Zambia  			Zam.bit.a

* Zimbabwe  			Zim.bit.we

C) Fictional Areas (various)
* Alt.veria
* Andale Atoll
* Coastal City, Loonited States (on /Nth Ca.rec.lina border)
* Got.ham, Loonited States
* Net.varez, Net.xico
* Net.ropolis, Loonited States (East coast)
* New Yak City, Loonited States
* Post City, Loonited States

D) Oceans, Seas
* Antarctic O 			Ant.alt.ic O
* Arctic O 			Alt.ic O
* Atlantic O 			Alt.lantic O
* Pacific O 			Pacifanfic O; O
* Indian O O

* Adriatic S  			Ad.rec.atic S
* Baltic S  			B.alt.ic S
* Caribbean S   		Ca.rec.bean S; S
* Mediterranean S S

E) Other Features
* Alps  			Alts
* Gobi Desert    		Go.bit Desert
* Great Barrier Reef  		Great Reef
* Lake Michigan  		Lake
* Mureoa Atol Atol
* Rocky Mountains M; M;  Roc.key M
* Sahara Desert  		Saha.rec Desert

2) Extraterrestrial Regions

* Beartu. Inhabitants all look like Bea Arthur. Comparable Tech level to 
Earth, planet-wide monarchy. [Spacequest Raven #1]

* Capxan. A source of past continuity problems. The natives must be 
kept sedate lest they revert to baser instincts, become insanely 
proportioned and wear tight, exhibitionist outfits. It's as yet unclear 
if this planet has a counterpart in the mainstream Looniverse. [Stranger 
Tales #4-5]

* Dorfian Homeworld.  Location is secret.  Home to Dorfian emperor. [THE 

* H'yddee'uz/H'yyydde'uz. Had its name changed during Beige Noon in the 
2 1/2 month gap.

* Internet RACelestial Complex (IRC). Not to be confused with the 
extradimensional realm of the same name. A place which the RACelestials 
use as a gathering place (for their own, unknowable reasons) and which 
other races have subsequently developed as a tourist attraction. Consists 
of a number of asteroids linked by artificial landscaping. [Kid Kirby 
and Sing-Along-Lass #5]

* New Collins. A home to the New Mods. Kindlier than its counterpart, 
ToppPhorti. Now apparently vanished into legend. It's as yet unclear if 
this planet has a counterpart in the mainstream Looniverse. [Stranger 
Tales #4]

* Phabric IV. Have good tailors. [Continuity Champ #6]

* QWERTY. Home of My-kel and Dev-null. rendered lifeless by 
Dvorakian logic bomb. [Constellation #27]

* Rust. Formerly Ferric. Home of an iron-based race, and homeworld of 
Liquid Tide. Ruined by colonisation by J'so who introduced oxygen into 
the atmosphere, and regenerated by the explosion of the bow tie of 
power. [Spite Grrrl #7-10]

* Shekkee II. Home of Sarcastic Lad. Noted for fierce thunderstorms. 
[Secret Origin of Sarcastic Lad #1]

* ToppPhorti. A home of the New Mods. A dead, wasted world that looks 
like a disco ball with most of the mirrors gouged out. [Stranger Tales #4]

* Webster's World. Artificial planet devoted to preserving Looniversal 
knowledge. Powered by the semantic energies of the Infinity Dictionary 
stored at its core. Home of Spelling Boy. [Continuity Champ #9]

* Zethrythia. Inhabitants are a nocturnal, reptilian, merchant race with 
light sensitive eyes and a tendency towards xenophobia. Legal system 
biased against offworlders. Planetary government in a beaurecratic mess. 
Has a royal family. Allies of the Dvorakians. [Continuity Champ #7]

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