NAME: Raymond Bingham (wReam)


WEB PAGE: none that I want anyone looking at... :)

WRITER OF: Ultimate Ninja and Special Bonding Boy, and most recently, Electrolysister.

PERSONAL INFO: I'm married to a lovely woman named Sondra. I have two kids now. Both beautiful little girls, Katie - born Nov. 11th, 1996 Rebecca - born May 17th, 1998 I've not done much LNH in a long while. Though I'm still active on Usenet, on I'm an amateur artist, and do computer and hand sketches and logos for people who bug me until I concede to do it. I'm currently writing a Fantasy Novel. As of today (Nov. 11, 1998) I've been working on it for a year now. If it's ever published I'll post a public note or update this thing. TV Shows: I still like Simpsons, Babylon 5, Xena Warrior Princess, but I don't have much time for much else. My favorite Videogames of late: Star Control 2 I speak Italian, due to the mission I served for the LDS (mormon) church, (1988-90), and I'll be turning 30 on Jan 31st of 1999. I enjoy singing, cooking, dancing (though I suck at it), hiking, birdwatching, role-playing (though there aren't many adults that play it these days), boardgames, cardgames, sculpting, painting 3D modelling, and sleeping.

WHAT I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW ABOUT ME: I don't believe a person can have too many friends, and thus if you need a friend, or feel at your wit's end, give me an email letter and I'll send you a friendly note. I also believe that almost anyone can do pretty much anything they want to if they set their mind at it and it's a worthwhile goal, and they're willing to put the time required into achieving it. I tend to be an optimist. And I don't see much use for pessimism.

WHAT I DON'T WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW ABOUT ME: Now that would be telling... Actually I look forward to the time when all the prejudice and intollerance is stripped away from each of us, and when we share a perfect understanding of the value of our lives. At such time I look forward to having no more secrets... but for now, I too keep some things private. ;-) So... Do I win the Miss America Beauty Contest now!? ;)

This page last updated: 18 December 1998