NAME: Jeff Barnes



WRITER OF: Cry.Sig, The Cosmic Conspiracy, The Flame Wars (I, II, and III, with the help of other writers), Continuity Champ and the Drizzt's Defenders, and Tales of Continuity, as well as sundry other things.

PERSONAL INFO: 6'3", 200 lbs, blue eyes, brown hair. Most everything else subject to change at a whim. I'd love to chat some more, but admin'ing this site, writing for the LNH and the Highlander CCG mailing list, work, class, church, and a life prevent me from it. TTFN.

WHAT I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW ABOUT ME: I'm the writer of TALES OF CONTINUITY on rec.arts.comics.creative -- read it!!!

WHAT I DON'T WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW ABOUT ME: I'm the same guy who wrote Cry.Sig. Good work for its time, but it shows its age horribly now...

This page last updated: 4/2/96