LNH Authors: The Ages

Way back when I was compiling notes for Golden LNH-Men, I got interested in the changing faces aspect of the LNH. With Martin's help I sanitized a list. Consider this the first draft of a "historical" picture of the LNH:

[Consider this a flavor -- I encourage others to correct/add for a more canonical version]

The Golden Age: (in the beginning...Spring 1992)

CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT: Scavenger, Tori Fike, Rebecca Drayer

The Golden Dusk: (still early voices, just not originals...Summer/Fall 1992)

STILL ACTIVE: Drizzt, Dave Van Domelen, wReam, Kyle Lucke, Hubert Bartels
CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT: Jameel, Stephane Savoie, wReam, Saint

The Silver Age: (Spring 1993)

STILL ACTIVE: Martin, Mike Escutia, Jeff McCoskey
CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT: Kevin Wilcox, Ken Schmidt, Charles Fitzgerald, Josh Geurink

The R Age: (Winter 1993)

STILL ACTIVE: Marie Antoon, Russ Allbery, Rob Rogers, Specter
CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT: Chris Sypal, Stirge, Robert Armstrong, Wayne Parillo

The RACC Age: (Spring 1994...RACC passes)

STILL ACTIVE: Tick, Paul Hardy

The Bronze Age: (Winter 1994-1995)

STILL ACTIVE: Jaelle, Saxon Brenton
CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT: Rene Villareal, Campbell March, Jamison Banks

The Copper Age: (Spring 1995)

A. Khosla, Jamas Enright, Mike "not Mark" Friedman, Mistlock, Ian Porell

The Aluminum Age: (Summer/Fall 1995)

Ben Rawluk
The Zinc Age: (Winter 1995-1996)

Carol Vaughn
And time marches on...

Jeff McCoskey / jjmcc@ix.netcom.com

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