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   Coherent Super Stories #36 - "Time Critical Mission": Written for High Concept Challenge #49, "Slice of Life". Set during the height of the Godmarket...sort of. And featuring Paladin, who never actually existed...sort of.

  ASH #120 - City of Night Part 1 - "Gloaming": As 2026 becomes 2027, things start to settle down for the refugees, but a darkness is growing, both on Earth and on Venus....

  STRAFE #18 - "Necktie": Several years after the Pyramid Scheme ran its course, Grind has succumbed to the curse of administrative work, and reflects on an early training mission that might have done more to prepare him for his future than he'd thought it would. By Dave Van Domelen.

  Derek Radner's Private Journal #9 - "Heroism": November 23, 2017, a companion piece to the first journal entry, as Derek orders his thoughts prior to faking up a class assignment on the question of what makes a hero.

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    The Academy of Super-Heroes Universe is an imprint on rec.arts.comics.creative owned and run by Dave Van Domelen. The setting is mostly in the 2020s, a generation after a massive disaster wiped out nearly half of humanity and took with it all but a handful of the world's superhumans. Since then, Dave has been joined by several other writers, including Matt Rossi III, Marc Singer, Tony Pi and Wil Alambre. Thanks to Wil Alambre for an idea I used on this page (putting the latest issue box in). And thanks to Joe Singleton for the new ASH and Coherent Comics logos!

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